How to learn a language during a trip?

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Photo how to learn a language during a trip?

Speaking more languages gives a great opportunity in life. It is really important in communication, business, studies, shopping, travel, entertainment and many other situations. This is why many people take advantage of their trip to learn foreign languages. Traveling is the best way to succeed in speaking other tongues because it allows to experience a number of things during your trip.

However, you will be more successful if you have the right tips about how to learn a language while traveling.

Get closer to local people

Learning a foreign language is the same process as a baby trying to learn its native language. A baby starts listening, repeating and then speaking with other people. So the best way to apply this process for an adult who travel is to get closer to the local people.

If you have local friends, it will give you the chance to listen to them speaking the real language, you will also have the opportunity to train your tongue with them. This is the most effective way to improve your listening and speaking ability. So try your best to have closer relationship with locals if you want to make it easier and quicker.

  • Develop the relationship with your neighbor
  • Get a membership in local associations
  • Have dinner with local people
  • Find a local boy or a girlfriend
  • Volunteer or work with local people

Do not speak your native language

Success is a matter of practice. Many people don't know that practice is one of the biggest parts of languages study. Many language learners spend most of their study time writing and listening to the boring explanation at school and they never improve. This is because they are deprived of practice. So to get more practice, take advantage of your trip to talk to the local. Stop using your native language, keep and try speaking their language and you will get it little by little.

  • Start with simple words and expressions
  • Use gestures to explain your ideas
  • Ask them to correct you in the case of mistakes
  • Use translation application to help you express yourself
  • Don't think too much about grammar rules, just speak naturally
  • Choose local friends who don't know your native tongues

Learn on the move

Traveling gives you more free time on the plane, train, boat or car, you should benefit from that to focus on learning. Do not waste your time sitting and sleeping, you can try it every time and everywhere. If you do not spend your free time doing nothing, you will reach your objective more quickly. Here are some of what you should do to take advantage of your spare time:

  • Listen to podcast series and conversations
  • Read books and use a dictionary
  • Play words game
  • Repeat some expressions noiselessly

Travel the world and learn more languages

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